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Tornado in Gatineau : the reconstruction is expected to take several months


Andrea Lubeck

September 24, 2018 13:25

The reconstruction of buildings destroyed by the tornado that struck Gatineau and the municipality of Pontiac last Friday could take several months, ” says Nancy Raymond, president of Steamatic Canada.

Richard Verreault, president of Laguë Vary Verreaultsays. “It can be quite long. If there are ongoing work important to do, we can’t do it immediately. “

In addition, if the structure of the buildings was also damaged, this complicates the reconstruction, said Mr. Verreault. “The time is longer, since one must have recourse to the engineers and architects if the structure is affected. We should do it soon since the winter is approaching also, ” it warns.

The rain threatens to worsen the damage

However, the coming days could complicate things. Environment Canada announces rain for Tuesday and Wednesday, forcing the restaurant owners after the loss to act quickly in order to cover the buildings whose roofs have been destroyed.

“We have a lot to do with the roofers at this time. Our priority is to cover the roofs. If we do not act quickly, the damage will be compounded by the rain the next two days, ” said Mrs. Raymond.

Applications begin to arrive

Requests and complaints are just starting to arrive at the experts after-claims, indicate Ms. Raymond and Mr. Verreault.

“Insurers are assessing their frequency and the number of complaints they receive. Already, an insurer contacted us this morning, but we expect to receive more requests in the middle of this week, ” added Mr. Verreault.

As Steamatic Canada Laguë Vary Verreault claim to have teams and experts, additional waiting requests of the insurers to meet the needs.

Distribution boxes

Steamatic Canada account to make the distribution of boxes of relocation to tenants who are not insured and who need to evacuate their homes.

“We’re going to install on a street corner in a sensitive area affected by the tornado to distribute boxes. We also want to support the victims by providing them with information and documents on the next steps, the roles of each during disasters such as this one. We also recommend that the uninsured agencies which can help them, ” says Ms. Raymond.

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