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Tornado in the Outaouais : the Red Cross is always mobilized one month after


Justine Montminy

22 October 2018 13:30

The tornadoes that have hit the regions of Ottawa and Gatineau in September have led to an important mobilization of the insurers and the canadian Red Cross. A month after the events, the organization has collected a total of $ 4.6 million, ($M) as a gift in Quebec, including$ 3 Million from the provincial government. Ontario has benefited from$1.2 Million.

Although the damage caused by the winds were insurable risks, many of the people affected by the event were not insured, where the intervention of the Red Cross. The victims had not been able to not benefit from the financial assistance program of the department of public Safety, due to the insurable event.

Hundreds of buildings damaged

Aon Benfield had indicated in a report that most of the damage caused by the tornado that took place in Gatineau where more than 215 buildings have been identified as damaged. The municipality of Pontiac has also brought in more than 115 homes were damaged or destroyed.

Ontario has also been severely affected by the event, and according to Aon, this is the first tornado of this category that Canada has ever known in the month of September in the last 100 years.

In a month, the Red Cross has made the registration of more than 3 300 people, including 2112 in Quebec. According to the data of the organization, an average of 131 people is hosted in the hotel every day in Quebec.

Of the many gifts

The Capital, iA financial Group, Promutuel Insurance, Desjardins group and the Intact Foundation have made donations to the organization totaling approximately 225 000 $.

Ten banks have also made a donation totaling $ 160,000 to the Red Cross. The canadian Western Bank, CIBC, HSBC Bank Canada, Laurentian Bank, National Bank, Scotiabank, Bank of Tangerine, TD Bank financial Group and RBC still accept donations in-store and online until October 25.

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