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Tornadoes in the Outaouais : the damage amounted to more than$295 Million


Justine Montminy

23 October 2018 13:30

On the photo, Bernard Marchand speaks with the mayor of Gatineau and Carlos Melo responded to questions of a disaster.

The tornadoes that have hit the regions of Ottawa and Gatineau on 21 September last year resulted in more than 295 million us dollars ($M) in insured damage, reported the insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC).

The insured losses have exceeded 192 Million dollars to Ottawa and$ 102 Million in Gatineau. According to the IBC, the total of insured damage in Canada to 2018 reached $ 1.7 billion so far.

Necessary awareness

According to IBC, the number of extreme weather events will continue to be on the increase, hence the importance of adapting as a society.

“People should understand the risks financial and physical, to which themselves and their families are exposed. Better building codes, increased awareness of risks and appropriate mitigation measures are all needed to make our communities more resilient. Consumers will also benefit from a better understanding of what they can do inside and around their house to protect themselves against the wrath of mother nature “, said the director of communications and public affairs, Quebec, LAC, Pierre Babinsky.

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