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Two defectors of SFL combine to Aurrea Signature


Alain Thériault

April 27, 2018 11:00

Nathalie Bertrand and Mathieu Campion

Party of the Centre financier SFL Old Montreal last week, Nathalie Bertrand and Mathieu Campion come to join the general agent Aurrea Signature to form the general agent associated Plume financial Group.

Nathalie Bertrand is the president of the new firm and Matthew Campion is the vice-president. The two are major shareholders and Panache financial Group is located in Boucherville, next to the offices of Aurrea Signature.

Same vision

Ms. Bertrand has revealed that it had begun discussions in January with Christian Laroche, president of Aurrea, shortly after having sold its units in the Centre SFL Vieux-Montreal. “We had the same vision of what must be a model of business development and succession,” she said in an interview with the Journal of insurance.

The president of Panache financial Group says he has an agreement with Aurrea to support advisers of Pro-Life insurances that are in Boucherville and a portion of the advisors of the Group Pestle , which are located in the southern suburbs of Montreal.

No mold single

Panache financial Group will have access to all providers of Aurrea, said Mr Campion in the interview. “The model that we will develop with Aurrea is the one that we had begun to put in place with SFL. “

Matthew Campion adds that the new firm will develop a comprehensive, integrated approach rather than an approach focused on products. “We will help the counsellor to develop his niche, he said. We don’t want to mold unique. The advisor will be able to develop a generalist approach is interdisciplinary, with the customer at the centre. As the general practitioner who is working with specialists. “

Human scale

The announcement made by the new partners speaks of an offer of service to the human scale, focused on the development of independent advisors. “In an area in full transformation, we have the ultimate conviction that the future of our industry will go through general agents on a human scale who want to put energy and resources in four areas : the development of the next generation, using technology transfer consultants, marketing consultants, search engine optimization and the development of customer-qualified,” says Nathalie Bertrand.

Ms. Bertrand stated that Plume financial Group will provide advisors with a coaching card. They will benefit from support in the development of their business, but will remain independent. “We will be recruiting experienced advisors and also trainees. This will be all of the advisors self-sustaining, ” she said.

Not just a post office box

Matthew Campion, emphasized on the independence. “General agents that serve as post box, without custom service, and in which the advisor has no support to develop its own business plan, there can be innovations. “

“Having worked within different organizations in past years, we know to what extent the independence and the freedom of the offer of service is a concept that elastic for many competitors. The autonomy in the choice of distribution and provision of coaching in the development of our business advisors partners were both key points in the timeline of our service offering “, he says.

“When we have the opportunity to add to our network of talents, award-winning and recognized in the industry as Nathalie Bertrand and Mathieu Campion, we do not think for hours! After a few meetings, we quickly found that their business model was in symbiosis with the network Aurrea Signature, ” says Christian Laroche.

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