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Two insurers join forces for the companies operating in Canada and the United States



March 28, 2019 11:30

Aviva Canada and the american insurer The Hartford have entered into a strategic partnership to help brokers to better underwrite risk for canadian SMES that have activities in the United States. This partnership will ” meet the requirements of full-service and strategy of [the] clients and brokers in the insurance of SMES and large enterprises in Canada, with operations and assets in the United States “.

“To face the competition in the insurance business, we must be present where our customers are, and with bilateral trade amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars between Canada and the United States, this partnership enables us to provide a range of solutions that take account of the risks faced by our clients south of the border,” says John Mattioli, executive director, large accounts and insurance specialist at Aviva Canada.

Cross-border capacities

The Hartford provides Aviva Canada cross-border capacity multicatégories in the United States, ” explain the insurers by way of a press release. Aviva will provide insurance policies to its customers in the United States and Canada, in addition to the integration of the global network of insurers, Hartford and the service contracts of the global network for customers of the Hartford in the United States who have commercial activities in other countries.

“As we continue to expand our combined capabilities, we are delighted to welcome Aviva in the global network of insurers, Hartford, adds Mo Tooker, head of the Insurance of medium and large businesses to The Hartford. Doing business abroad presents a new series of challenges and we are committed to providing our clients with insurance solutions that are complete, where they need it “.

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