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Two weights two measures for the sale of insurance via the Internet, denounce the banners


Andrea Lubeck

27 February, 2018 07:00

Louis Wood and Rémy-Pierre Boisvert

Although they suspect that the future rules of the sale of insurance through Internet benefit the insurers, the banners say, prepare for it.

Yannick Jetté, president of the Group Jetté, is one of those who notice the framing of “two weights two measures” with respect to the sale of insurance products on the Internet. Mr. Jetté, however, all in parallel with the guidance that theAuthority of the financial markets with brokers for the past ten years.

“On the one side, the last 10 or 15 years, the Authority requires more discipline on the part of the industry. While, on the other hand, for the sale of products on the Internet, it is considered that the client is capable enough to carry out transactions itself, without the assistance of a certified professional. The government considers that bubbles information is sufficient for the client to make informed choices “, asserts there.

Whether we like it or not, sales on the Internet is inevitable, say a number of leaders of banners. “It is necessary to prepare. Is this that all products should be sold on the net ? No. But it is inevitable for the standardized products, such as auto insurance. However, for products in residential and in business, it will be more difficult, ” said Mr. Boisvert.

Consumer Protection : a certified must be involved

All agree that the protection of the consumer, can be done only with the intervention of a broker during the transaction process. “Our position is clear : the consumer shall at all times be protected and given guidance by a certified representative. We certainly want to make it all happen in the best possible way for the customer and that it is comfortable with the means with which he gets her submission, but we would like also to understand it well and we want to accompany them in their buying process, ” says Lucie Decelles, president ofAssurancia.

For its part, the banner CourtiersNet is already preparing for the legislative changes facing the industry. It is in the process of developing a transactional site where customers will be able to receive proposals from insurers online.

“We are developing a Web site that we offer to all our members so that they can be ready if the bill 141 is adopted and when it will enter into force, if any. We want clients to be able to do the whole transaction on the Web, without having to remove the broker from the equation. This is our way to compromise on this measure, ” said Mario D Avirro, president of CourtiersNet.

The important thing for Mr. Avirro, it is that brokerage firms are not disadvantaged in the face of the insurers for the sale of insurance via the Internet. He points out that this is what the dealers fear.

“We hope that the law will allow us to field equal in the face of direct. To do this, we must rely on the cooperation of insurers to brokerage. They do not we will not all engage in the risk online. Some of us have already said yes, so the clients can obtain proposals from at least five insurers on the Web. The consumer will have the choice. This is what the government wants, ” he believes.

Measures difficult to understand

Rémy-Pierre Boisvert, president ofAssurExperts, very difficult to justify the releases, current projects of law. He sees as a misunderstanding of the insurance market and brokerage from the Quebec minister of Finance Carlos J. Leitão. “It is to ask what interests the minister defends : those of consumers, or large financial institutions ? “questions there.

“My perception is that it tries to predict what will happen in the future. Doing it this way can leave gaping holes in the protection of the consumer in this “, adds Yannick Jetté.

Bernard Laporte, chairman,Intergroup, shows, however, optimistic in the face of changes. “There’s going to be things. There will be upheavals. It should be viewed as opportunities rather than a threat. The insurance industry has not moved for several years. Here we can see that this is gaining momentum, it accelerates and it scares some. It is not necessary to be pessimistic. “


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