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Universitas lowers the minimum contribution of one of its products



June 11, 2018 09:45

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The Universitas trust funds of Canada has reduced the minimum fee needed to subscribe to his INDIVIDUAL Plan. It goes from 500 $ to 25 $, in order to ” allow maximum of families to benefit canada’s education savings and incentive the Québec education savings.

It will not be necessary to pay all subscription fees as soon as you open an INDIVIDUAL Plan, adds Universitas. A ratio of 40 %, up to a maximum of $ 200, will be used to pay the fees, which will be paid in full when contributions reach $500 on it.

Reduction of the minimum transfer amount

In addition, es subscribers to the Plan REEEFLEX will be able to transfer their contributions to an INDIVIDUAL Plan if a minimum amount of 100 $ is already accumulated, while the minimum threshold was previously $500.

The minimum balance required has also been lowered for a person who wishes to withdraw all or any part of its contributions. Thus, the subscriber only has to leave $ 100 in his INDIVIDUAL Plan to make the withdrawal without terminating his contract, then it was $300.

The changes entered into force on 8 June last.

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