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Veganism calls on the stock markets



August 19, 2019 09:30

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A new exchange traded fund (ETF) that aims to offer an investment option to animal advocates and environmentalists will be launched this fall in the United States.

The ETF american Vegan Climate Exchange Traded (VEGN) of Beyond Investing will begin on September 10 at the New York stock Exchange, the company announced last week.

First in the world

The company says that the ETF is the first of its kind in the world. “Until now, vegans and environmentalists had little choice other than to take advantage of the cruelty to animals and the devastation of the environment through their investment options. While interest in socially responsible investing continues to grow, the availability of financial products that explicitly deny the animal use has been limited, or even absent, in most markets, ” says Beyond Investing, which holds a team of finance professionals plant in the United States, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

The ETF will track the index american Vegan Climate (symbol, VEGAN) created by Beyond Investing in June 2018. This index uses the index Solactive US Large Cap (an indirect indicator of the S & P 500 index) and excludes any action for which the activities are inconsistent with an investment approach vegan and concerned about the climate, which is to replace the prejudicial actions by alternatives of average size that meet its ethical criteria, ” explains the company.

Lighten the wallet of activists

“Our goal is to help vegans and activists for the well-being of animals, to lighten their portfolio,” says Claire Smith, president and CEO of Beyond Investing. So many compassionate people make huge efforts to avoid buying products containing ingredients of animal origin or that have been subjected to tests cruel, but in regards to their investment options, they actively support it, although often without their knowledge, businesses and industries that exploit and torture animals. Our ETF offers them the possibility to invest according to their values. And because we love the humans as much as the other animals, we also have criteria for the defence of human rights. “

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