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Vincent Lemoine wins the Award of Distinction Notes 2018 of the RCCAQ


Serge Therrien


Hubert Roy

9 November 2018 11:00

Serge Therrien, Johanne Lamanque, Vincent Lemoine, Julie Saucier and Roxanne Hebert

Every year, the Regroupement des cabinets de courtage d’assurance du Québec (RCCAQ) crown a young broker promising that contributes to the visibility of the profession.

This is Vincent Lemoine, the firm’s Insurance Claude Lemoine, who won the Award of Distinction Notes 2018. Four finalists competed for the prize and had to promote their candidacy in front of a jury. The award ceremony was held during the closing banquet of the annual congress of the RCCAQ, which the Journal of insurance has assisted.

Mr. Lemoine has, in particular, made it known in the brokerage last year when he was involved in the defence of the interests of the insurance brokerage of damages during the debates surrounding the adoption of the draft law, 141 and 150. He had contributed to the foundation of a group of young brokers to make their views heard. The Consolidation of the responsibility for the future of the brokerage had issued various fears in the face of the contents of the draft act 150, of which the main provisions have been incorporated in the draft act 141, which was finally adopted in June.


The evening also allowed Christopher Johnson, the outgoing president of the RCCAQ, to move formally the rennes Patrice Pouliot, who will lead the professional union for the next year. Mr. Johnson took the opportunity to pass on to guests his personal vision of the nature of the broker. “It is a noble profession that assists clients in remaining beside them. Taking care of their heritage, we take care of them. “

Mr. Pouliot took the opportunity to give him the traditional effigy of the brokerage awarded to the presidents of the RCCAQ, the Bipper gold. Engaged for many years in the activities of the RCCAQ, Mr. Pouliot was chairman of the cabinet, Poulot and Associates, located in Ste-Justine.

The point of view of the CEO : to read on Monday

The congress of the RCCAQ has also been the host of a panel of the leaders of the main insurers to brokerage found in Quebec. Eight insurers were represented. They state their strategy for the months to come, but also of their vision of the profession of broker.

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