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“We need to change ! “says Marie-Elaine Farley, CEO of the Chamber


Hubert Roy

26 October 2018 11:30

Marie Elaine Farley at the annual general meeting of the Chambre de la sécurité financière (CSF).

Marie Elaine Farley says having a clear vision of the future of the Chamber of financial security, after a year “, lived to the rhythm of many of the debates and upheavals “.

“We need to change, was launched during a keynote address Wednesday at the annual general meeting of the organisme d’autoréglementation (SRO). It forces us now to look to the future, acknowledging the past in order to draw the necessary conclusions. “

Ms. Farley added that the quebec legislator had renewed the mandate of the Chamber. It interprets the as a recognition of the value and contribution of the SRO in the company.

“In sum, he admits that the intermediate – and the public – deserve a system’autoréglementation in our industry. So we have an obligation to – collectively – to demonstrate that it has done well to preserve this model, ” continued the CEO.

“A recognition is paramount ! ”

She stressed that the Chamber must now get the recognition that is due to him as a professional organization ” Does, does it not, consumers with the assurance that they will get the best services ? This seal of approval helps to develop, maintain, and preserve the public’s confidence in the services and advice offered by its professionals, ” said Ms. Farley.

André Di Vita, chairman of the board of directors, has also delivered a speech on the professionalism of the members of the Chamber. “This is not to say professional to the be automatically. It needs to be an infrastructure to support the professionalism, to promote and to support. It takes people like you to embody it. The primary mission of the Chamber is to protect the public. It does this by defending the values of professionalism and providing members with all the tools necessary to rise to the rank of professional financial services. “

Time of investigation decreased

The Chamber has also taken advantage of its annual general meeting to provide an update on its investigation process. Marie Elaine Farley has revealed that the average time of the records in the survey has declined 30 % over the past three years.

In addition, in 2017, 608 decisions were rendered by the trustee in the Room at the end of the investigations it has conducted. This is an increase of almost 50 % compared to 2014. Finally, the results of the 2017 show an increase of 30 % of the decisions made by the discipline committee compared to 2014, for a similar volume of disciplinary complaints to deal with.

The strategy of Marie Elaine Farley

The CEO of the Chamber has delivered an exclusive interview to the Journal of insurance, which is reserved exclusively to subscribers to its paper edition. In it, she explains its strategy to improve the knowledge of the organisme d’autoréglementation with the industry and the public. To subscribe, click here.

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