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Weather : The insured losses have exceeded$ 1 billion in Canada


Justine Montminy

14 September 2018 11:30

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The rigorous weather of 2018 has caused insured losses of $ 1.4 billion (G$) in Canada, reports the insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC). The BAC indicates that the violent storms that took place in the Prairies and flooding in Ontario have largely contributed to these high losses.

“The losses related to severe weather in the Prairies and across the country have increased. The insured losses are only part of the situation. Taxpayers also pay the invoice. We have a role to play to adapt to climate change. We need to get a better understanding of the future, ” said the acting vice-president of the FERRY to the region of the West, Celyeste Power.

$ 240 Million of insured losses

This summer, thunderstorms in Alberta and Saskatchewan have led to them only insured losses of more than 240 million dollars (M$). For the past year, the Prairie region is affected by numerous weather events, expensive. From may 2017, the insured losses amounted to$500 Million.

Flooding in Ontario

Last week, the LAC had announced that a storm in Toronto had led to the loss of more than$ 80 Million in the last month. Since the beginning of the year, the weather events have caused to the Ontario insured damage of almost a billion dollars (G$). A large part of this sum is due to a wind storm in may that caused more than$ 500 Million of damage.

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