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Wicked weather : the United States is made to pass the same bill that the Quebec


Hubert Roy

10 May 2019 11:30

Yesterday, Aon found that the spring floods in the east of Canada couteraient at least 100 million dollars (M$) economic loss.

Our neighbours to the South will receive the same bill, while several climatic episodes of violent have hit the United States in various locations in the centre of the country between 4 may and 10 may, causing numerous floods. The states of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas have been the most affected. Aon expects that insurers cover a good part of the bill that will exceed$100 Million.

Since the beginning of 2019, the United States accumulate the climatic events of violent and costly. In mid-April, tornadoes struck a dozen states. Wind storms have also caused flooding at the end of march.

Accumulations of snow have also caused multiple headaches to our neighbors, to the South, particularly in April, march, February, (where the state of emergency had been decreed in some states) and in January. Aon had also published a special report in march revealing that the losses related to the vagaries of nature had to spend $ 8 billion on the planet, just for the month of march.

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