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Windshield original or equivalent : Belron attack the myth perpetuated by manufacturers car


Serge Therrien

27 February 2019 11:00

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Faced with the repair of the windshield of the vehicles of their customers, insurers should be required to buy new equipment from the manufacturer or go to a equivalent ? The two are also safe, calm Belron Canada.

The debate divided the industry for years. Now it takes more and more importance with the integration of new technologies in the vehicles so-called smart. These technologies have opened the door to what is called systems advanced driver assistance (ADAS), in the jargon of the automobile.

Recalibration necessary

Among these are the cameras that are integrated into the windshield. They are used to ensure the proper functioning of the alert in the event of a collision to the front.

Before the rise of this technology, the opinions of specialists are multiplied with time in order to claim the recalibration of the cameras after a collision to ensure they are in good condition.

The manufacturers of cars have added to it, deplores Belron. Some manufacturers have issued publicly that the calibration done on windshields brand equivalent would be less accurate than on the windshields of origin, explained Stéphane Ouimet, national chief of the services and of the technical processes of Belron Canada.

Independent research

Doubting this assertion, the firm commissioned an independent research centre to decide. In Canada, it turned to PMG Technologies, the laboratory that conducts the testing for compliance and research on the vehicles for Transport Canada. The trials were held from October 11 to 17, 2018.

In total, 150 tests have been carried out on an equivalent number of Subaru Outback 2017 and Honda CR-V 2017. These are two of the family vehicles most sold in the country.

The results showed that, regardless of the windshield, the calibration “has had little or no effect on the characteristics of the system, ADAS, namely the automatic braking emergency and the lane departure warning system,” says PAUL.

Belron was also supported by an american study conducted by theInsurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Supported by u.s. insurers, the organization appears, however, as an institute independent scientist dedicated to reducing loss of life, injury and property damage.

Its trials have focused on eight models of vehicles manufacturers like Acura, Honda, Hyundai, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes, Subaru and Volvo. “The results indicated no visibility problem or refractive when comparing, the average of the index of refraction and testing for the laser, the windshields of origin and those of the secondary market “, reveals the Institute.

In the face of such results, Belron believes that it is up to governments to create industry standards on the calibration of your windscreen. Its vice-president Sylvie Leduc says that, all in all, the equivalent parts provide settings with high safety at a reasonable price.

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