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Winter storms : Nearly 3 billion dollars in damage in the United States


Justine Montminy

April 10, 2018 09:45

Photo : DeShaun Craddock

The winter storms of the month of march have caused alone, nearly us $ 3 billion (G$ US) in damage in the United States, according to the monthly Global Catastrophe Recap ofAon Benfield.

More than twelve u.s. states have been affected by various weather conditions, including a combination of falling snow, heavy rains and high winds. It is the east coast of the country has been largely affected. The report from Aon shows that these storms have not caused major damage in Canada.

First week expensive

This is the first week of march which was the most expensive for the United States. Winds of over 100 km/h, snowfall and torrential rain have caused flooding on the east coast. The economic losses have been estimated at around US$ 2 billion. Public and private insurers have paid out more than US$ 1.4 billion.

Another winter storm has hit the east coast of the u.s. a few days later, thus cancelling more than 3,000 flights. The total economic loss from the storm were estimated at 500 million us dollars (US$ M). The insurers believe to pay around US$ 300 MILLION.

The south of the country has experienced high winds and heavy rains have caused floods in California, amounting to some hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.

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