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Winter storms : the damage reached nearly$ 1 billion in the United States in January



8 February 2019 11:30

The winter storms and the extreme cold of the month of January have led to damages which amounted to about one billion u.s. dollars in the United States, reveals Aon in its monthly report of the disaster. The temperatures have reached -55 degrees Celsius in the american Midwest in late January.

At least five events have caused for most of the hundreds of millions of us dollars (M US$) of damage. The first, ranging from 5 to 6 January, has touched the states of Washington, Oregon and California. The economic losses of US$ 125 MILLION have been caused by heavy rain, mountain snow, strong winds and mudslides. Insurers have hedged approximately US$ 75 MILLION damage.

The second event, which took place from 11 to 14 January, has affected the regions of the Great plains, the Midwest and the eastern United States. The large amounts of snow and ice have led to several millions of dollars in damage and killed thirteen people. The state of emergency was declared in Virginia and North Carolina, reports Aon.

Then, heavy rains, floods, snow, wind gusts and landslides in California and Oregon from January 16 to 18 have caused economic losses of$ 275 MILLION US. Public and private insurers have covered 175 MILLION US$ of the total.

A mix of snow, sleet, rain, thunderstorms and coldest temperatures recorded in decades have killed more than thirty people from 18 to 21 January and from 29 to 31 January. The two events combined have caused damages of several hundreds of millions of dollars.

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