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Women occupy 15 % of board seats among the issuers, reveal the CSA



October 1, 2018 09:30

In 2018, 15 % of board seats in the transmitters are occupied by women, reveals a report on the representation of women in positions of directors and members of senior management of the canadian securities administrators (CSA).

This is an increase of 4 % compared to 2015. This number tends to be more important depending on the size of the transmitter and vary according to the sector of activity, indicate the regulators.

In addition, 66 % of the issuers have at least one woman in senior management. Only 4 % of issuers have a woman to the position of chief executive officer and 14% expect a woman to the post of head of finance.

66 % have a woman on the board of directors

The results of the examinations also show that 66 % of issuers have at least one woman on their board of directors, while the 218 the issuers have no. In addition, 29 % of professional posts are vacant, have been filled by women.

Among the businesses surveyed, 16 % have set targets for women’s representation on their board, and 4 % have done the same for senior management. More than four transmitters on ten (42 %) have adopted a policy on the representation of women on their board.

Better inform investors

“This review and the publication of the findings that we have drawn are part of our commitment to ensure that the information used by investors to make investment decisions and exercise their right to vote is easily accessible,” said Louis Morisset, president of the CSA and president and ceo of theAutorité des marchés financiers.

The securities regulatory authorities in the provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan have each conducted the review of a total of 648 issuers. The underlying data in the review will be published later this autumn, say the CSA.

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