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Work-related stress is the main cause of mental health problem, according to the canadian employees


Justine Montminy

5 July 2018 11:30

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According to a new white paper released by Morneau Shepell and the mental health Commission of Canada, the canadian employees consider that the first cause of mental health problems is the stress at work. Depression and anxiety are the two main problems caused by this stress.

One in five canadians suffers from a mental health problem or a mental illness every year, reports the commission. This figure is equivalent to 500 000 employees who are unable to work each week, thus affecting employers and organisations, says the white paper.

An impact on the career development of employees

The results presented in the white paper stem from a survey conducted by Morneau Shepell and the Globe and Mail, about mental health in the workplace in Canada. It indicates that stress at work can have an impact on the productivity and careers of employees.

According to the results obtained, 70 % of respondents indicated that their mental health was affected by their work and 78 % said that the main reason of their absence from work was related to mental health.

58 % have considered suicide

The white paper states that do not have effective coping strategies can have a significant impact on the employees. Approximately 58% of the respondents in the study reported having considered suicide to cope with mental illness.

“The effectiveness of a strategy in the field of mental health predicted the ease with which an organization limit the issues in the workplace and supports its employees at risk. We are proud to see that more canadian workplaces tend to normalize the mental health discussion, but we recognize that there is still much work to do, since most organizations have no policy in place, ” explains the director of research and development, productivity of the workforce at Morneau Shepell, Ben Howatt.

“Not a lack of will” on the part of employers

Mr. Howatt added, however, that most organizations do not have policy do not demonstrate a lack of willingness, but do not know rather how to begin the process. The white paper indicates that organisations should adopt a model that is conducive to a healthy work environment.

“It takes time for the successful implementation of a comprehensive strategy on mental health, but is essential to the overall health of the organization. We are confident that this white paper will highlight some of the challenges that organizations are facing and suggest measures that employers can take to make a move towards a psychologically healthy workplace, ” concludes the CEO of the MHCC, Louise Bradley.

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