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Life Insurance 

10 Tips on Getting the Best Results on Your Life Insurance Exam

I bet if you were to survey people and ask them what thoughts come to mind when they hear the words “life insurance”, the responses would vary quite drastically.  For some their response may be the thought of death.  For others it might be the thought of knowing their loved ones are protected.  Others hear life insurance and think “money”.  Some might simply respond with “dreadful” referring to the long process of applying for a policy.

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The mystery of the life insurance application process itself is a big reason why some people avoid getting a policy when they know they need it to protect their loved ones.  Here at Quotacy have taken out a lot of the road blocks and made the process much easier than in the past.  But there are still a few things we cannot get around when applying for life insurance.

One of the biggest road blocks in applying for life insurance is the fact that almost all carriers require some sort of a

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