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5 Financial Spring Cleaning Steps to Take Now

Here in Minnesota we are used to pretty rough winters, so you can imagine how ecstatic we all are to now being able to see grass and feel the sun on our face without the bitterly cold wind slapping us at the same time. Morning glory and hallelujah it’s springtime!

Everyone knows the term “spring cleaning” and that it refers to thoroughly cleaning our homes now that we can open the doors and windows and shove out all that dust, dirt, and stale air. But why stop at just the house? Our finances are probably in need of a spring cleaning as well.

5 steps you should take to clean up your finances:

1. The Tax Clean-Up

I am assuming many of you have already submitted your taxes and maybe were even fortunate enough to be able to get a refund. Do you feel that you got what you were expecting? Or maybe you had to pay in. Now is the time to double-check your withholding allowance on your paychecks. Did your marital status change in the past year at all or dependents to claim? Make sure you are claiming the right amount for your lifestyle. Update your W-4 form for your employer if necessary to ensure your tax filings next year are correct. Take a look at the

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