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Can You Get Term Life Insurance with No Medical Exam (And Should You)?

While a no medical exam life insurance policy may sound like a dubious offer from a late night infomercial, it is possible to get quality term life insurance from a trusted provider without a medical exam.

You can—but should you? Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons.

Why You Might Want to Get Term Life Insurance with No Medical Exam

If you are planning to get a term life insurance policy without a medical exam, it probably isn’t just a matter of convenience. For many consumers, a required medical exam can be a deal-breaker when they’re searching for the best term life insurance options. If you are one of them, these may be some of the reasons why:

  • You’re worried about a pre-existing medical condition damaging your chances of finding affordable life insurance quotes. But having a pre-existing condition—

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