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Do All Parents Need Life Insurance?

In May we celebrate and thank Mom for everything she does. In June we celebrate and thank Dad for everything he does. In July we celebrate and thank them both! Did you know that the fourth Sunday in July is National Parents’ Day? Parents deserve thanks every day, but three national holidays dedicated to them is a good start.

I imagine that being a parent is the most challenging, yet rewarding, experience you can ever go through. When you have your first child, you realize the world is bigger than just you. As you make decisions in life you think “How will this affect my kids?” Buying life insurance is one of these important decisions. “If I die and don’t have life insurance, what happens to my kids?”

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Buying Life InsurancePros:

  • Children can stay in their childhood home
  • Surviving spouse can afford to take time off work to spend with children
  • Family’s standard of living won’t need to change
  • Spouse can afford to send children to college
  • It can be customized to fit in most budgets


  • It’s not free

There are all kinds of parents:

  • Married spouses who co-parent
  • Divorced individuals who co-parent
  • Unmarried partners who co-parent
  • Single parents
  • Stay-at-home parents

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