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Does Being Transgender Affect Life Insurance Rates?

How does being transgender pertain to buying a life insurance policy?

When it comes to getting a policy with some life insurance companies, transgender individuals may be classified as male by some carriers and as female by others.

Some life insurance companies, however, are more amenable to working with your definition of yourself as transgender.

Being transgender doesn’t mean you can’t get a life insurance policy. Just like people, life insurance companies have many differences, and life insurance policies are not one size fits all.

Find out how transgender life insurance applicants can differ from one life insurance carrier to another.

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Generally, when someone applies for life insurance, if their assigned sex at birth was female, they should apply as female, and if their assigned sex at birth was male, they should apply as male.

This would include individuals whose gender identity differs from their assigned sex at birth, but who have not undergone any medical or physical transition.

When a person is using (or has used) hormone therapy treatment and/or has had any gender-affirming surgeries, it will not only affect the rates for which they apply, it may also affect the requirements needed during the underwriting process.

Life Insurance Companies Responses Vary to Transgender Applicants

Recently, we worked with an applicant who had surgically transitioned from male to female. We completed an underwriting study, which is when we go to the different life insurance companies and ask what they think they could offer our applicant, and the responses varied.

Some carrier responses included the following:

Please note the statements are the unedited responses of underwriters at some of our life insurance companies and do not reflect the views of Quotacy as a company.

  • We may issue Standard male rates assuming no history of

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