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Life Insurance Rates for Seniors: Finding the Best Option for You

Something made me burst out laughing last week.

I was testing our new quoting tool dashboard’s amazing ability to store multiple term life insurance rates. Entered my birthdate, gender, zip code…voilá…got my pricing for a John Hancock life insurance policy. Logged in to my Quotacy dashboard and saved those insurance quotes. Went to lunch. Came back to run and compare more term life insurance rates. When I logged back in to my Quotacy dashboard, I noticed it had recorded my age as 48.

Scratched my head. 48? But, I’m 49 years old!

Went over to Quotacy’s dev team and said: “Dashboard is not working. It’s calculating ages wrong.” Went back to work.

Dev team came over to my desk and asked me to Google “calculate your age.”

“Just pick any one, Kate. Yeah, enter your birthdate.”

What? Well, wha-yadda know! I am 48 years old…because Google told me so.

I had genuinely somehow lost track (due to the stress of a divorce, I think) and was completely convinced I was 49, and soon to turn 50.

Well, I was wrong. The weird thing is that I feel like dev team just gave me an extra year—like a bonus year—a new lease on life.

So, what would you do with an extra year of life? How would you make it meaningful?

So, that’s why I burst out laughing last week.

Who is a senior? Are seniors age 50, 60, 70, or 80?

And, since this week, I’m writing about (whole or term) life insurance rates for seniors, I want you to know I have one extra year before I fall into the age category of “senior life insurance” which is by our industry standards for people ages 50 to 80.

Now, I know some of you 50-year-olds may have just spit your coffee out.

But, yes, if you’re getting close to age 50 like I am, you’re going to be hearing from AARP soon and we will officially be able to offer you “seniors” great term life insurance rates and 

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