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Pet Parent? Know Your Life Insurance Options

This is an article for serious animal lovers. If you’re not in that crowd, life insurance for pet parents won’t make sense to you.

I remember how much it cost to take care of my cats’ elderly years. It seemed like a lot at the time, but after Maddy and Chester died, I knew it was money well spent. I had the peace of mind that I gave my kitties good care.

But, I know others in my family might not have chosen to spend so much.

If you have a beloved pet, you might wonder what will happen to them after you die. For all you dedicated pet parents, here’s advice on how to provide for your furry companions using life insurance.

Are you following Pippi Lawrence Stocking on Twitter?

I am not the only one who loves animals. Nowadays people are ga-ga over their pooches and many follow pets on social media as much as they follow people. Jennifer Lawrence, one of the world’s most well-known celebrity pet parents, has a Twitter account dedicated to her beloved dog, 

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