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Life Insurance 

Your Best Term Life Insurance, 401(k), & Emergency Savings Plan

Are you preserving enough wealth for your future?

It’s berry season and those fragrant fruits always make me think of my grandmother who would be busy canning this time of year. She got it that if you wanted to crack open Mason jars of canned peaches or enjoy homemade jam in Iowa in the dead of winter, you had to preserve them in the sweet summer months while those beauties were plentiful and affordable.

If my grandmother was sweet on you, she’d give you some of her canned peaches. She didn’t have a lot of money, but she knew how to create a simple, tender life that she savored for many years.

Preserve your wealth.

The wealth my grandmother preserved ended up funding many advancements for generations of our family, even though she was not educated past grade school. She got money, knew how to earn it and save it, and knew how to nurture people with her wealth of energy.

You can do this, too, with the assets you’re creating in your life.

You just need a good plan and don’t get down when your life really is the pits. That happened to my grandmother (and her entire generation of depression-era and war-time kids), but they didn’t stop living and doing their best each day. They made hay while the sun shined and worked through times together that were really bad economically for everyone.

Enjoy a sweet life.

You probably want to create a sweet life now and enjoy a good retirement, too.

If you’re pushing 50, you need to save some of your wealth while you are at the peak season of your earnings. So, let’s talk about how to put away more of your money now for your winter years, when you’ll be retired and wanting to rest in the ease of a well-lived life.

So that you’re not worrying about money when you’re 80, we’ll look at your 401(k), your emergency savings plan, and getting the best term life insurance for you.

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If you’re not yet 30-something, know that this is actually the key time to start growing and preserving your wealth. Instead of playing catch up like most 50-year-olds, you can use the magic of compound interest and time to pave your own yellow brick road.

Paradise is a feeling, not a place.

I have no idea where your path to bliss might lead you, but for most people it takes some money to get there. But, know that:

Paradise is a feeling, not a place.

One of my coworkers has this quote in her cube. It’s a good reminder that we all have bliss (paradise) naturally inside of us. Our basic goodness can’t be snuffed out even in the worst storms of life. So, that’s a good thing to remember at any time. Paradise now, baby!

But, at the same time, it sure helps to be able to fund the expression of your joy and happiness. It’s nice to be able to help others out, too.

So, learning to store wealth as seeds for future happiness (meaning you don’t burn through all of your energy or earned money too quickly) is part of gracefully pacing a life. And, if you end up with too much stored wealth (party!), you can always share it with others.

Practicing generosity might feel like the bliss of the best beach in Hawaii to you. So, let’s do some planning around wealth-building to help you develop a stash of cash you can share at any time with those you love.

Can term life insurance replace my emergency savings, a 401(k) retirement plan, or the joy of laughter?

The simple answer is no. Life is BYOF (bring your own fun) and not even the best term life insurance plan can replace that. But, to create a

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